Tim the Planeman recommends

Here are some of my favourite radio control planes, equipment, components and supplies.

Some of these are affiliate links. It costs you nothing to use them, but helps me so it’s a win-win :-). I only post things I have bought and use myself.

Eachine TX16S radio/transmitter

Pixracer R15 flight controller combo back with GPS

Eachine EX800DM FPV Goggles

Eachine TX06 4-in-one FPV camera

Dancing Wings Hobby Sopwith Pup K06 balsa RC model kit

Fiberglass hinges for RC model control surfaces

Very fine carbon fiber rods 0.8mm and 1.0mm

Jumper T-Lite Open-TX multi-protocol radio transmitter

Decals from Callie-Graphics.com

AEORC micro receivers with integrated ESC

Eachine TX16S radio

Eachine branded Radiomaster TX16S OpenTX multi-protocol RC transmitter. Recommended because of the amazing price and the 6 “Flight Mode” buttons perfect for Ardupilot/Arduplane positioned right below the gimbals.

Buy from BangGood (affiliate)

Pixracer R15 flight controller combo

Combo pack with everything you need, including to set up a flight controller with no soldering and nothing else to buy. Includes:

Pixracer R15 Flight controller  x 1

M8N GPS unit x1
Mounting mast for the GPS

Plastic  shell x 1
Safety switcher  and Buzzer  x 1
Micro4G SDCard  x 1

Card reader  x1
Cables set (GH1.25 6P Line+GH1.25 4P Line + GH1.25 5P Line)  x1

ESP8266 Wifi module x 1

3DR Power Module x1

Buy from AliExpress (affiliate)

Eachine EX800DM FPV Goggles

My starter FPV goggles. Cheap but they just work. They have an adjustable focal length, for those of us who need glasses, and there is an optional magnifier attachment for those who need extra help to see the small screen. Great for getting started with FPV and IMO better than the EX800D (so get the “DM” not the “D”).

Buy from BangGood (affiliate)

Eachine TX06 FPV Camera

My starter FPV camera. No soldering! Just plug the camera directly into a 1S battery. Make sure it gets plenty of air to see it cool. Works great with the EX800DM, see my video here.

Buy from BangGood (affiliate)

Sopwith Pup K06 micro balsa model by Dancing Wings Hobby

I loved building this plane so much I built it twice. See my build and fly playlist on YouTube here.

Buy from DWHobby.com (NOT affiliate) make sure to choose one of the combo packs including all the electronics.

Fiberglass hinges

Simple but awesome hinges. Easy to install, very strong but flexible.

Buy from DWHobby.com (NOT affiliate).

Jumper T-Lite multi-protocol OpenTX RC transmitter

This was my first (and second) transmitter. I love that it’s cheap which makes it great for dipping your foot in the water and it works with almost every receiver you can imagine.

I find it very comfortable to use and my only problem was I ran out of switches when I started playing with Arduplane.

Make sure to buy the JP4IN1 version!!!

Buy from BangGood.com (affiliate).

My Jumper T-Lite on my setup board for the Pixracer Flight Controller

Decals from Callie Graphics

Need decals for you model? For example I built the Dancing Wings Sopwith Pup which doesn’t come with decals – I just ordered a custom set from Callie-Graphics, they have a lot of standard kits off the shelf.

Callie-Graphics.com (NON affiliate).

Sopwith Pup with Callie-Graphics decals

AEORC micro receivers with integrated ESC

AEORC is a partner of Dancing Wings Hobby and offers these wonderful little micro receivers with on board integrated ESC. This saves a lot of weight and wires, especially in micro models like the Sopwith Pup, or for RC Conversions.

The receivers are available with with 5A/1S to 15A/2S-3S ESC’s and there are options for DSM/Spectrum, SHFSS/Futaba, Flysky or FrSky protocols for each version.

Some also have telemetry options but I haven’t tried that.

Buy from DWHobby.com (NOT affiliate).

You can also find these on BangGood and AliExpress.

The Rx444 in my Guilows Sopwith Camel 801 RC conversion project

Very fine carbon rods 0.8mm and 1.0mm

I looked everywhere for some very fine carbon fiber rods. Most sellers on BangGood and AliExpress or Amazon sell > 1.5mm, but I wanted something smaller to simulate braces on my Sopwith Camel. So I found them at Dancing Wings hobby in sizes as small as 0.8mm which will look like wires, but be very strong and light.

Buy from DWHobby.com (NOT affiliate) make sure to the size you need..

The smallest bundle is very fine 0.8mm carbon fiber rods