RC Model Projects

Sopwith Pup K06 by Dancing Wings Hobby

Sopwith Pup

This is my first build of a complete radio controlled plane end to end. Using the Dancing Wings Hobby K06 kit, I built the plane, soldered and installed the electronics and got it ready to fly.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. (and stay tuned for more updates, it’s not done yet 2021-05-25).

The maiden flight is still to come.

My whole journey was recorded as a series of YouTube videos which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Qx6K4kAW68N7ubtBHgx95-xxovnWLq-

I’ve also written up some key information about the build, like recommended build order and some comments on the instructions that might you to build the model from the kit. You can find that in this post: https://timtuxworth.me/2021/05/25/sopwith-pup-by-dancing-wings-hobby/

Jumper T-Lite Open-TX Radio Control Transmitter.

At same time I was finishing the Sopwith Pup, my brand new Jumper T-Lite Radio Control transmitter arrived.

This will replace my Turnigy TGY 9X and Spectrum DX4e that I got second hand with some second hand planes I’ve been learning on.

The T-Lite uses Open-TX and I’m a big fan of anything “open”. Suffice to say this is a very nice box.

There is lots of information out there about the T-Lite so I don’t think I can say too much that hasn’t been said by far more knowledgeable people than I, but I think I can perhaps help by laying out some simple steps for using it for someone new to RC who is trying to learn this new technology.

I’ll write a post about this and post a YouTube video because there are definitely some things you will want to know.

Guillows Sopwith Camel RC Conversion

Unboxing the kit

I decided to go retro and build an original. The Classic Guillows Sopwith Camel and this kit is “original”. The plans are yellowing, there are paper order forms to order replacement parts, it’s got all die-cut balsa and some absolutely beautiful turned wooden hardwood wheels.

An old fashioned paper order form for replacement parts.
Solid wooden wheels.
Trainstar open box
Opening the box of the Volantex Trainstar Mini
Volantex Trainstar Mini

This was my first ever radio controlled flying model plane. I’ve flown control line planes in the distant past and recently built a rubber powered plane, but I need to learn how to fly so that I can build “real models” and fly them without destroying them on my maiden flight.

So after some research I picked this one. All up $100 from Amazon and delivered in less than 24 hours from clicking the “Buy” button. After watching some YouTube videos to get some ideas about how to start I just waited for the wind to die down – which took a few days.

The Dancing Wings Hobby Fokker-E box
Dancing Wings Fokker E

My second model was the Dancing Wings Hobby Fokker-E (probably based on the Eindecker E.III). This is the small version – 420 mm wing span. They have larger versions but I was taken by the smaller design and I’m happy I decided on this one.

I’ve made a detailed post about some of the things I learned building this model. You can find it here:

Dancing Wings Fokker-E build

Finished Vintage Model Company Spitfire Nightfigher free flight
Free Flight Spitfire

Before diving into RC, I thought I’d go back to my childhood and build a rubber powered free flight model. I spent a lot of time finding the right plane and this was it. The Vintage Model Company Spitfire Nightfighter. It arrived in Canada from England in 2 days flat after I hit the “order” button. It’s a beautiful model to build and I had a lot of fun. Probably much more fun building than flying.

But this locked in my decision – this is more fun than I remember. I’m going to be a modeller!